The Happiness Blueprint

The Happiness Blueprint is not a framework or set of principles, but uses a model that hits key elements that I have found to bring happiness to teams. The IMPACT model is the key that opens the door to guide more positivity that will start to foster more happiness. As we all know every person and every team is different in nature, therefore every "recipe for happiness" will be different because of it. Each blueprint becomes unique and insight can be gained on what works and what doesn't.

This signature blueprint is delivered through either a talk, workshops, or both to ignite a want for change within your teams and leadership alike.

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The IMPACT model

Below, you will find the key elements that make up the IMPACT model and used as a guide to increase happiness.


This element is about establishing a clear and inspiring vision for the team, and breaking down that vision into SMART Goals. The heart of inspiration is putting in the effort to achieving the goals that have been set, in order to foster happiness. Regularly reviewing and celebrating those goals is always an awesome moment of happiness, as we all love to achieve goals, but celebrating them is what triggers inspiration.


In order to start on a journey for continuous happiness, fostering a positive, inclusive culture is a must. It's about encouraging open communication and creating a safe space for people to express ideas without fear of judgment. This allows for space to promote a growth mindset, where learning and improvement are valued over perfection.


When we can empower people to take that power into their own hands, it encourages people to take ownership of their work and make decisions autonomously. Provided with the proper resources and support, it sets people up to succeed in their work as well as opportunities for skill development and career growth.


Relationships has always been a focus in the happiness journey and so encouraging collaboration and teamwork while building relationships with those you work with can be the determining factor for high performance. Scheduling regular team-building activities and workshops will also help improve relationships and trust among those you work with. As trusting relationships are built, space is created to reflect and identify areas for improvement in communication and collaboration.


Caring for others all starts with the proper foundation of creating and maintaining the space for psychological safety. We are encouraging empathy and understanding for one another through active listening and open-mindedness. Conflicts and challenges between people are addressed through facilitation to achieve a healthy resolution through communication and respect. Maintaining stress while keeping healthy and flexible work environments are kept in check through support and any necessary resources that may be needed.


In order for any good experiment to continue being successful, we should always measure and Iterate them using metrics to track progress and identify areas for improvement. Regularly soliciting feedback from people to evaluate the effectiveness of the positivity experiments can be a great way to foster continuous improvement while continuously refining and adjusting the process based on the data and feedback gathered.

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