On a mission to scale positivity and happiness in the workplace.

‍After successfully navigating the vibrant fields of fashion design, systems engineering, cloud engineering, cloud training, and team coaching, Antoni Tzavelas found his true vocation: igniting the spark of inspiration in others as a public speaker and leadership coach.

With a focus on spreading the potent messages of happiness and empowerment, his mission is to illuminate paths of personal and professional fulfillment for others.

Global engagements have seen him gracing stages at many conferences around the world. Such appearances are complemented by participation in countless community meetups where he has imparted his knowledge and insights, furthering an understanding of leadership, happiness, and empowerment.

Antoni guides individuals to prioritize their happiness in every aspect of their lives. By offering straightforward, impactful strategies through keynote speeches and workshops, he empowers people to unlock their full potential. This is not just his career: it’s his mission to help make the world a more inspired and joyful place.

Make happiness your superpower!
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Fostering happiness with every engagement
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Value-driven results
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Mission to inspire and impact

Values deep rooted in my DNA


Honesty is at the core of what I do, not only by speaking the truth but by being real and modelling a genuine and authentic way of working. No pretences and always showing up authentically.


This value is not taken lightly as I always look to do what is right, with confidence, respect, and resolution, even in the face of temptation or adversity. Especially speaking up for those who are unable to do so themselves.


This is the overall mission that has become my purpose to pursue. I have always believed that everyone has the right to be happy in whatever they do. It's an infectious and powerful value that I practice as a daily mantra and model it for others wherever they are in life.


Approaching with curiosity has always led me to successful outcomes and understand the context in order to best empathize with others. Seeking to understand people and meeting them where they are can only come through a mindset of curiosity.


Understanding and adapting to the continuous challenges ahead in order to move forward, has allowed me to inherit a new mindset that leans into the power of emotional intelligence. This has taught me the importance of resilience in overall happiness, and how I am able to teach others to adopt that same mindset.

Make Happiness Your Company’s Superpower

Create a productive, collaborative, and high-performing team through positivity experiments that define your happiness blueprint.