The Happiness Blueprint: Positivity Experiments for Performing Teams

Happiness has shown to be one of the main contributors to engagement, innovation, growth and performance. It allows people to dive in and enjoy their work as they thrive to deliver incredible results through collaborative efforts with everyone around them.

In this talk, I share insights from my own journey on how a bowtie turned around my sad, stagnant office experience and how wearing it brought me happiness at work while inspiring positivity in others. It's about how implementing small, actionable changes through elements of positivity that can enhance our work environment and increase overall happiness.

This signature talk and interactive session addresses workplace happiness through research data, exercises built on positive psychology, as well as the IMPACT model. A tool used to define not only their teams happiness, but one's own happiness, as well.

This presentation provides a reflective look at oneself, the teams you work with, and how happiness shows up within an organization as a whole.

Harnessing Happiness for Resilience

Life can be really tough sometimes, but finding happiness can help us get through it and become stronger. This talk will show how we can use happiness to face difficult situations, become more resilient (strong and able to handle problems), and inspire others to do the same.

This talk will go into what happiness and resilience are, how they work together, and why they’re important for feeling good and staying strong. You’ll learn practical ways to use happiness as a guide, as well as simple techniques and habits to stay positive and hopeful when things get hard.

You will also learn how spreading your own happiness and resilience can help lift up and support the people around you. Lastly, Antoni will share examples by providing real stories of people and communities who have used happiness to overcome challenges and make a positive impact.

By the end of this session, you’ll know how to use happiness to navigate tough times, build your own strength, and inspire others to be strong and positive too. This talk is for anyone interested in how happiness can help us deal with life’s difficulties and spread positivity to others.


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Make Happiness Your Company’s Superpower

Create a productive, collaborative, and high-performing team through positivity experiments that define your happiness blueprint.