By combining my methodologies with innovative processes and targeted strategies, my workshops will help you achieve measurable change that matters. And, the results are sustainable.

The Happiness Blueprint

This workshop is based off the speaking presentation of the same name and goes into depth on understanding the contributors to both happiness and unhappiness. Individuals will participate in multiple activities and assessments to gain clarity on their own level of happiness along with their teams level of happiness, while giving them insight on which elements of positivity to focus on.

Participants will understand how to use the IMPACT model as a tool to identify key areas that address happiness in order to design their own Happiness Blueprint. A unique and customized approach that has proven to be a catalyst in high-performing, happier teams and addressing areas of improvement.

The outcome is a  more collaborative environment that enables people to appreciate working with one another and removes the scarcity mindset of only being responsible for one's own task while breaking down in-team silos. This workshop also fosters growth for each individual involved along with the rest of the team, resulting in higher productivity while keeping people energetically connected, engaged, and happy.

The Journey to Happiness through Emotional Intelligence

This leadership focused workshop breaks down the elements that foster happiness and positivity in oneself so that you can identify the areas of growth in their own happiness journey while modelling it for others in their team and organization. Using the 4 elements responsible for happiness in Emotional Intelligence, each participant is exposed to what their own happiness looks like now, and how their happiness could be elevated through reflective exercises.

Participants will walk away with new tools and mindmaps along with a new understanding on how they can show up to every situation, how they want to model happiness for others around them, and reflecting on future growth opportunities for a shift in mindset.

*CUSTOM workshop experiences (design and facilitation) is available.

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Make Happiness Your Company’s Superpower

Create a productive, collaborative, and high-performing team through positivity experiments that define your happiness blueprint.